Not puting thick vegetables in Microwave oven

14 Things You Should Not Put in The Microwave

The microwave is a  item and useful in the modern kitchen. A microwave oven helps you cook and heat up a variety of foods. However, there are some things that you should not use the microwave, as it will be dangerous. Therefore, you should be aware of how to use the microwave oven properly, which will maximize the use of equipment and ensure the safety of loved ones. The article will point out 14 things that you should not put in the microwave.

The micorwave oven

What Are The 14 Things?

#1 Silver Foil and Metal Materials

Do you want the grill from foil? Do not put them in the microwave, as it will cause a fire. You also should not use metal utensils such as spoons, forks, cups, and even aluminum foil when you use the microwave. These are explosive kitchen appliances in the microwave.

#2 The Packaging Contains Metal Components

You should not put packages containing metal elements in the microwave, which may cause an explosion. This is unsanitary and could cause a fire, toxic gasses and create food poisoning.

# 3 The Types of Plastic Boxes

Styrofoam boxes are made from synthetic resins. And when they are exposed to high temperatures, they will be deformed, damaging the microwave device. Likewise, plastic containers should not be placed in the microwave (unless the product is approved by the manufacturer for use in the microwave). And you absolutely should not cover the box when utilized in the microwave.

# 4 The Types of Fruits, Especially Grapes

Putting fruit in the microwave will cause the nutrient content of the fruit to lose. Especially, if you put the grapes in the microwave, they will explode and release plasma gas that damages the oven. Raisins and grape seed, when exposed to high temperatures, produce smoke that damages the oven. And this is the same for fresh grapes. So you give up the idea of grapes dried in the microwave.

# 5 Foam Bags, Newspapers, Food Packaging

You put foam bags in the microwave, which is a lack of environmental friendliness. Even paper bags (brown paper for package goods) or newspaper, you absolutely should not put into the microwave.

#6 Fresh Eggs

Eggs are a traditional dish of everyone. However, you should avoid putting eggs in the microwave as it may cause an explosion. You give up cooking eggs with a microwave oven, fresh eggs when exposed to heat will cause pressure to burst the egg before it was ripe. During microwave heating, the volume of solution inside the egg will reach a high pressure. The egg can not evaporate so that the egg will explode.

If you still want to cook eggs with a microwave oven, beat the egg and put the egg on a heat-resistant object. Then you hit a small hole in the egg yolk. This will help ease transpiration eggs. And you use the plastic film of the microwave to cover the plate.

# 7 Dried Peppers

Chili is not the ideal food to put into the microwave. When hot peppers are hot, the capsaixin compound will evaporate and escape. This will cause irritation to the eyes and your throat when exposed. You even have tears in your eyes, which can be very annoying. When you put dried chillis in the microwave, be careful when opening the lid. Nastier spicy will appear, it will affect both eyes and mouth. Therefore, consider carefully placing the chili in the microwave.

#8 Hot Sauces

Hot sauce is one of the things we do, but not in the microwave, and the result will be a mess in your oven. The sauce in the microwave is not as dangerous as other foods. But the hot sauce is easy to splash, and this causes microwave stains. When you want to warm up the tomato sauce, use a wax paper to cover the sauce container. This will help keep the microwave clean.

#9 The Kinds of Thick Vegetables

Vegetables such as potatoes, squash, you should not put in the microwave. Due to high temperatures in the microwave will explode vegetables. To avoid this, you should stab a few holes in the tubers, which will help them evaporate, and you can use the microwave.

Not puting thick vegetables in Microwave oven

#10 The Cake-like Bread, Pizza

Microwave ovens will reduce powder bonding of bread. So, after warming up with the microwave oven, the bread will be dry, soft and not as delicious as before. Similar to bread, you also do not place the pizza in the microwave. Because pizza will quickly become rock solid, dry and lose its flavor.

#11 Water

You should not boil water in the microwave. When you take water from the microwave, many bubbles will shoot at your friend at high temperatures, and you will burn. And if you still want to boil water in a microwave, put a small wooden stick in a glass of water to break the dangerous water bubbles.

#12 Undercooked Meat

Undercooked Meat contains many bacteria hidden in them. So, if you store them in the fridge or reheat them in a microwave oven, this can not kill off harmful bacteria.

#13 Wine and Champagne

You never put the wines in the microwave, more or less, even in sauces. Because of alcohol as well as other beverages, it will turn into a bomb at high temperatures, causing the explosion and burning food.

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# 14 Nothing in a Microwave

If you forgot to put anything in the microwave and pressed the activity button, this is damaging. Due to lack of water molecules, machinery is affected and prematurely damaged. Never launch a microwave when there is nothing inside.