Cooking Food by Housewives

18 Helpful Tips for You When You Go to The Kitchen

Cooking and cleaning the kitchen is not easy, especially when you are alone and without help. The tips below will help you save time, effort and money. There are a lot of simple but incredibly creative tips that help us solve common problems in the kitchen quickly. The article below will give you 18 helpful tips for preparing food, cooking food and preserving food.

Cooking and cleaning the kitchen

6 Essential Tips for Food Preparation Efficiently

  1. How to peel the material quickly:

Peeled garlic: There are two ways for you to peel garlic faster. Put the garlic in a bowl, then place another bowl (or in a sealed container) and shake it well. This will loosen the peeled garlic, and you will quickly peel garlic. The second way is: you put the garlic in the microwave for about 15 seconds. The heat of the microwave oven will separate the garlic pod, and you will easily handle it.

Peeled ginger: You need a scoop. And you use the spoon to shave the ginger, and the ginger root will peel off. Scraping with a spoon is suitable for many types of fruit when you peel.

Peeled eggs: You will be peeled eggs quickly when you apply this tip. You only need a few drops of vinegar / baking soda in a pot of boiling water. Or before boiling eggs, you poke a hole in the egg. This will make it easier to peel off the eggs.

  1. Use a bowl to hold the garbage when preparing meals: Instead of wasting time running to the trash, you can take a bowl to store them, then you only take one garbage and wash the bowl.

The Food Preparation

  1. It is easier to cut meat or fish by putting them in the freezer for half an hour. The cold will make the meat a little harder, and it will be easy to cut small, large or thin pieces. Similarly, you want to peel the shrimp easier. Put fresh shrimp in the freezer for about half an hour before shelling.
  2. How to defrost food fast and ensure hygiene: If you have a little time, you can put food in a bowl of cold water for about 1, 2 hours. Note that you should change water regularly to ensure hygiene.
  3. Shake the egg for about 1 minute before boiling, and you will get a boiled egg with whole yolks.
  4. Keep the chopper from slipping when cutting food by placing a wet tissue or damp cloth under the cutting board. Wet towels will help fixed cutting boards, and you can quickly and safely to cut food.

8 Essential Tips for Cooking Food Efficiently

  1. To keep the original taste and crispness of the remaining pizza, instead of reheat in the microwave. You should use a frying pan.
  2. If your jelly box is gone, but there is still a little jam in the jar. You pour a little hot milk, and you will have delicious milk chocolate.
  3. How to add soy sauce: You should not add soy sauce to stir fry at the first time when processing. Because cooked food will be sour by the sugar in soy sauce, they are dissolved by high temperature. You should salivate soy sauce just before turning off the stove.
  4. Place a glass of water next to the pizza in the microwave, which helps to keep the casing from drying out.

Cooking Food by Housewives

  1. If your bananas are not ripe, bananas will ripen faster when you apply this tip. You put green bananas in the microwave for about 20-30 minutes at 300 degrees. The bananas will ripen early, and you will enjoy delicious bananas.
  2. When cooking porridge, sometimes the porridge is spilled out when boiling. So, while cooking oatmeal, you should add some oil to the porridge. This helps the oatmeal do not spill out, and the taste better.
  3. How to add MSG to the dish: You should add the MSG to the food immediately after turning off the stove. If you add MSG while you are cooking, they will create a health hazard. You should not give MSG into the food directly, and you should dissolve the MSG into a little-fried water or broth.
  4. How to add water when frying, stir fry: When frying meat, you should move pan fast and use some water, the meat will be soft and tasty. When you fry it, it is possible to mix the oil slowly into the oil at the appropriate ratio (3 parts water = one part oil). You wait when the oil has floated completely on the water, and then you pour the food into the pan.

4 Essential Tips for Preserving Food Efficiently

15.Save space in the freezer: After buying a lot of food, store the food in the fridge bags instead of in the bowls or boxes. As such, it would be easy to stack the foods together.

  1. Keep freshness of lettuce for an extended period: Lettuce is a long-kept food item if you use it correctly. You wrap tissue around the bunch of vegetables. The paper will absorb moisture instead of leafy vegetables so that plants will keep fresh longer.
  2. Freezing liquid into small iced stones: When you need to cook something, you have to open up a bottle of wine to get a few small spoons of wine. Therefore, you should use this tip to save on materials. You pour wine into the freezer, and you will get a few tablets depending on the requirements of the dish for each use. Also, homemakers can also store broth in this way. After a stew of meat, you have a tray of soup. And every time you want to make dough or baby porridge, you just take a couple to make a flavor for the dish.
  3. Wrap a tissue around a beer and place in the refrigerator for cooling in just 2 minutes.